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SDJZU Held 2013 Annual Meeting

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On March 19, the annual meeting was held in the academic hall. The party secretary Wang Chongjie, president Jin Fengxiang and the other vice presidents attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Wang Chongjie. Unlike previous years, this year's conference is very concise, with no flowers and bottled water. Also, the meeting was shortened from three hours to two hours.

The president Jin Fengxiang made the summary report of school work in 2012 as well as the work plan of 2013. Seven aspects, priorities, education teaching quality, science and technology innovation ability, talent team construction, management services, student education management and service, are briefly reviewed by the president. Applying for the program for cultivating talents with doctor's degree for special purposes in China and the approval to be one of the first well known universities for cultivating applied talents in Shandong province were also emphasized, fruitful results were illustrated with detailed data. President Jin also points out the difficulties and problems existing in the progress of university development.

The year of 2013 is the key one to the university development. The work plan of 2013 were specifically elaborated in the following four points: firstly, strengthen the connotation construction, improve education quality of teaching; secondly, improve the management level, make efforts to build the modern university management system; thirdly, strengthen students education management and service work, improve students' comprehensive quality; fourthly, implement the eighteen party's decisions thoroughly, strengthen and improve education in values. President also raised " Management has to be improved for a university to develop. "

The party secretary Wang made a brief summary and paid high tribute to all the hard work staff. He said that the year of 2012 was the key note to promote the "twelfth five-year" development plan, we achieved two landmark achievement and all enterprise’s vigorous development. He quoted Mr. Lu Xun's words to express the excited feeling of the program for cultivating talents with doctor's degree for special purposes in China: "The seed is shooting, we don't doubt that it will grow to be a towering tree." In his speech he said, "last year a lot of work has been done, there is still a lot of work to do this year." The three points were stressed: one is to strengthen the theory and vocational studies, the armed mind; second, strengthen the management, form good surroundings for cultivating career; third, strengthen supervision and anti-corruption.

Finally, The party secretary Wang called on everyone to maintain our policies of emancipating our thoughts, joint hands with enterprising spirit and make new great contributions to SDJZU with our diligent work and unremitting efforts.